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Professional packing services ensure that your goods are handled by expert hands.

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Our Professional Packers Ensure Protection

If you don’t have the time to pack your valuables before a move, our professional packers and movers will get this done to your satisfaction.

Our moving company deals in partial and full packing services, where we assist in the customized packing of your precious items.

You don’t have to worry about wasting so much time and effort in getting this done when our professional crew can handle this smoothly. At an affordable price, our professional team of packers will be at your location to help you pack your belongings while you get ready to move to your new office or home.

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Packing Services When You Need It The Most

  • If you are ready to move to a new office or home, then you need professional packing services. We are a team of experts who are skilled in providing moving services with amazing results. As a company that specializes in packing and moving, we make customer service a priority.

  • We will do all it takes to ensure a smooth experience. Therefore, we offer packing and unpacking services where we handle your valuables with care. We use the latest packing supplies, which are durable and firm, ensuring that your precious items will be unpacked in one piece while you settle in.

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Packers and Movers with a Truck

Why do you need professional packers and movers? Well, the relocation process is a very stressful one. Still, if you have to add the task of packing your belongings, then you are in for the most nerve-wracking and time-consuming task ever.

You may start by thinking that getting your items ready for long-distance moving shouldn’t be difficult until you realize how many fragile items you have. This is where you need full service moving companies. As professionals, we have moving boxes and trained experts who understand how to handle packing and unpacking with no errors. You can request for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pro Smart Movers a licensed and insured to move across the United States?

Yes, our company has all the necessary paperwork to operate in the United States. Here is our license and insurance information: DOT: 2466905. ICC/MC: 852732.

My move date changed. What should I do?

Contact us ASAP and we will try to work with you to move you on a different day.

Do your moving services include packing?

Yes, we are a full-service moving and storage company. Each of our employees are trained to do the packing and moving-related tasks. Note, that usually professional movers will pack items faster and more securely than untrained people.

Who provides packing materials?

Our movers will bring all the necessary tools and packing materials. No need to worry about it! Our movers will bring all the necessary tools and packing materials. No need to worry about it!

Does Pro Smart Movers move locally? What about long-distance?

Yes, Pro Smart Movers provides local and long-distance moving services. We will safely move your belongings to any state and city within the United States.

Can my possessions be stored temporarily?

Yes, we can store your belongings in our storage facilities. Our warehouses are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. However, you are responsible for storage charges and final delivery charges from the warehouse. Also, remember than some items, such as explosives, plants, pets, perishable items, etc. cannot be placed in storage.

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Pro Smart Movers is a professional moving company that offers quality moving and storage services. Our every employee works hard and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.