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Business Shipping

Business to Business Shipping by ProSmart

Professional Business to Business Shipping

ProSmart Van Lines specializes in business to business shipping. Whether that is one singular office or an entire office level with tables, desks chairs, and everything in-between (even that espresso machine!), it is what we do and how we do it. ProSmart is a top of the line, fully licensed, bonded, and accredited world-class service company that hires the best movers and networks with the highest rated local movers to ensure you have the best experience possible!

A business to business shipping whether it is auto, package, cargo, container, or an entire building worth of items is all about time-sensitive supply-chain management and the details that come with it. ProSmart knows that our seamless and transparent procurement, inventory management, service fulfillment and operations management is critical for you… all while maintaining the white glove top service levels you have come to love.

ProSmart business to business shipping covers destinations coast to coast, from Miami Florida Gators to California dreamers. Our business shipping is customized and optimized for each customer – from packing and loading with specialized equipment to creating the boxes, pallets and crates for each unique instance. We know there is no “template” for each business shipping instance, and we treat you like the important customer you are!


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